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A little history, for the curious amongst you...

Holly started her musical career as a co-founder member of all girl garage band Thee Headcoatees, who were Thee Headcoats splinter group in 1991.  Holly made her first solo album, The Good Things, in 1995.

Although often connected with garage rock, Holly's music is more a mixture of pre-rock electric country blues, folk and less frantic rock & roll. It brings to mind a bourbon soaked honky tonk bar, evenings on a dusty front porch with your faithful hound, cracked hearts and foot stomping good times.  She creates a world all of her own, one that's warm hearted, true to it's roots and not swayed by fads and fashions.

Since her debut in 1995, Ms Golightly has been a rather prolific lass, releasing 14 long play solo records and umpteen singles (too many to list here) for a wide variety of labels and has toured America, Australia, New Zealand and Europe regularly.  

Holly has collaborated with all kinds of folks, including the 1999 release with Billy Childish 'In Blood', on which the two gleefully celebrate one chord, one sound, one song.  Another notable collaboration is 2001's 'Desperate Little Town' with Dan Melchior.  After playing with The White Stripes in the USA, and supporting them at a few London shows, the three of them became friends, and the trio recorded 'It's True That We Love One Another', for the White Stripes album Elephant. Holly has also recorded with The Greenhornes and they released a special Christmas 2002 single together on Damaged Goods called Little Stars. Holly also appears on the Greenhornes album Dual Mono. She has also been a guest vocalist on various other bands projects, including live with Mudhoney and Rocket From The Crypt, appearing on several releases with them.  On the b-side of her 7" Walk A Mile, there's an exclusive duet, 'Don't Fuck Around With Love', featuring the ever-so wonderful Sexton Ming. And well worth a listen is her guest vocal on The Flaming Stars new album, 'Born Under A Bad Neon Sign'.

Holly also sings the title song, 'Theres An End', for the recent Jim Jarmusch movie Broken Flowers and has another song included on the movie sountrack.

Hollys Christmas 7" single for 2006, 'Christmas Tree On Fire', was something of a live sensation over the holiday period at her London shows.

Most recently, Holly and her long-time US band mate Lawyer Dave, have a new side project under the guise of Holly Golightly and The Brokeoffs.   Their debut album 'You Can't Buy A Gun When You're Crying' was released on Damaged Goods Records in March 2007.  They toured the USA and Europe extensively throughout 2007 and are now recording some new songs for a next record.  

A new Holly Golightly and The Brokeoffs album is expected in early 2010.