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With the old search engine lark nowadays you can have a rummage around the electronic ether to have a look-see at articles on Holly but back in 2005 we collected together a small snippet or two of the yards and yards of press for you good folks to peruse.

Though Holly's been doing her own thing her own way for a good few years now and would carry on doing it with or without the attention of the ladies and gentleman of the press, genuine appreciation of her work and some gold old fashioned enthusiasm don't go amiss!

Have a good read!

Taking Things Slowly With Holly Golightly: Blues Matters interview; 17th August 2005

It's Late But Who Knows How Late: write up

Jack Doesn't Live Here: The Sydney Morning Herald interview;
4th March 2005

Album re-releases: Record Collector, album reviews and interview;
3rd August 2005

Chanteuse earns her stripes: The Age interview; 2nd March 2005

Album of the Week Review: Irish Times; 3rd August 2005

Holly interview and feature: The List; 15 September 05

A right proper decent length interview indeed: twenty/forty; 2004